Xrefs Graph

The Xrefs-Graph is used to easily generate interactive xref graphs.


Anywhere within the IDA-View, just right-click [1], and select the desired option:


In the popup dialog, enter the distance (recursion level) desired from the source:


Once you press OK, the plugin will generate an interactive xrefs graph:


A double-click on any block will take you to the relevant address. Also, names in the blocks will be updated as you rename functions.

Known Issues

Node Groups
While creation of node groups is possible via IDA’s GUI, it is not presently supported in the plugin. Creation of node groups may cause unpredictable errors.


[1]In IDA 6.6 or earlier, use View/Graph/Xrefs from source or View/Graph/Xrefs to source, as context menus cannot be augmented.