IDA 7.4 & Python 3

Those versions are under active support and expected to receive updates.

IDA 7.4 made 2 significant changes that affect support

  1. Python 3 support
  2. Python 2: 6.95 compatibility APIs OFF by default

IDA 7.4 release notes

This means that all code breaks by default - be it Python 2 or 3. While adapting Sark to the new APIs & Python 3 I concluded that actively maintaining & developing multiple (IDA 7.4 and lower, Python 2 & 3) versions incurs an overhead that is too high for me. As a result - Sark will only support Python 3 on IDA 7.4. Older versions of IDA will get bugfixes. IDA 7.4 with Python 2 will receive no support.

If you need Python 2 support on IDA 7.4, please contact me or create an issue on this repo. I am not opposed to adding bugfix-based support.

Older Versions

Older versions of IDA (7.3 and lower) using Python 2 are still supported for bugfixes.

The older version is maintained on the IDA-6.x branch.

Installation of the older version follows the same flow as before:

pip2 install -U git+

To develop locally, clone the repo & check-out the IDA-6.x branch.