For Sark Users

To get the bleeding edge version, use:

pip3 install -U git+

For older versions of IDA (7.3 or lower), use:

pip2 install -U git+

And see Support

Alternatively, you can install Sark directly from PyPI. The Sark version will match the IDA versions, more or less. So for 7.4 or higher, you’ll just want the latest:

pip3 install sark

But for 7.3 or earlier, you’ll want a version smaller than 7.4:

pip2 install "sark<7.4"

That said, installing from the repo is the only way to be sure you get the latest version of Sark.

To install the IDA Plugins (optional) download the entire repository from GitHub and read Installing Plugins.


To update Sark to the latest version, just run the installation command again.

For Sark Developers

If you want to help in the development of Sark, follow this.

Clone the Sark repository to get the latest version

git clone && cd Sark
pip3 install -e .


To update Sark to the latest version (including all installed codecs and plugins) simply pull the latest version from the repo

git pull