How To Contribute

The Sark project was created to provide an intuitive, easy to use scripting layer for IDA Pro. If something seems like the right-way to do something, it should probably be added to Sark.

If you have something you think is worth adding, either submit a new issue or (preferably) create a pull-request.

When contributing, try and follow these guidelines:

  • Add yourself to the AUTHORS.rst file in alphabetical order. Every contribution shall be credited.
  • Each new feature must have a reproducible test-case or usage. If it can’t be used, it will not get in.
  • Obey PEP 8 and PEP 257.
  • All code should be documented. Usage samples and references to the IDASDK headers are a bonus.
  • Write meaningful commit messages.
  • No change is too small. You are welcome to fix typos, convention violations, or plain ugly code. All contributions are welcome.
  • When submitting a fix to a bug, describe the bug being fixed. Include both the bug and the desired results. Creating an issue for the bug is good practice.
  • When reporting bugs, make sure you mention your OS and IDA version.
  • Sark has tests (though the coverage is bad…). When adding features, it is advisable to add matching tests.

If you can’t adhere to the guidelines, submit your pull requests anyway. Maybe someone else can improve on it.

Thanks for contributing!