Functions are another basic object in Sark. Each one provides access to a single function in IDA.

>>> my_func = sark.Function()  # The same arguments as `sark.Line`
>>> print(my_func)
Function(name="sub_417400", addr=0x00417400)

>>> = "my_func"
>>> print(my_func)
Function(name="my_func", addr=0x00417400)

>>> for line in my_func.lines:
...     print(line.disasm)
push    ebp
mov     ebp, esp
sub     esp, 0DCh
push    ebx
push    esi

Like the sark.Line objects, they encapsulate relevant API into a single object. Some useful members are:

All similarly named members between sark.Line and sark.Function work similarly as well to avoid confusion.

Getting Functions

There are 2 ways to get functions:

  1. Using the sark.Function class, which accepts the same arguments as sark.Line;
  2. Using sark.functions to iterate over functions. It is the same as sark.lines, but does not accept a reverse argument.


[1]Xrefs from a function include only references with a target outside the function. So recursion will be ignored.