Welcome to the Sark Documentation!


Sark (named after the notorious Tron villain) is an object-oriented scripting layer written on top of IDAPython. Sark is easy to use and provides tools for writing advanced scripts and plugins.

Sark actively supports IDA7.4 and Python3. For older versions, see Support.

Getting Started

Install Sark from the command line:

pip3 install -U git+https://github.com/tmr232/Sark.git#egg=Sark

Import inside IDA, and start having fun!

import sark
import idaapi

# Get the current function
func = sark.Function()

# Print all lines in the function
for line in func.lines:
# Mark all the lines containing xrefs outside the function
for xref in func.xrefs_from:
   sark.Line(xref.frm).color = 0x8833FF