Functions are another basic object in Sark. Each one provides access to a single function in IDA.

>>> my_func = sark.Function()  # The same arguments as `sark.Line`
>>> print my_func
Function(name="sub_417400", addr=0x00417400)

>>> = "my_func"
>>> print my_func
Function(name="my_func", addr=0x00417400)

>>> for line in my_func.lines:
...     print line.disasm
push    ebp
mov     ebp, esp
sub     esp, 0DCh
push    ebx
push    esi

Like the sark.Line objects, they encapsulate relevant API into a single object. Some useful members are:

Member Usage
startEA starting address
endEA end address
ea alias for startEA (for comparability with sark.Line)
comments function comments
name function name
flags function flags
lines all the lines in the function (a generator)
xrefs_* xrefs to and from the function [1]

All similarly named members between sark.Line and sark.Function work similarly as well to avoid confusion.

Getting Functions

There are 2 ways to get functions:

  1. Using the sark.Function class, which accepts the same arguments as sark.Line;
  2. Using sark.functions to iterate over functions. It is the same as sark.lines, but does not accept a reverse argument.


[1]Xrefs from a function include only references with a target outside the function. So recursion will be ignored.